Old British Colony where 98% of the citizens speak “Queen’s English”

English is the primary common language of conversation in Fiji and is widely used all over the country. When Great Britain colonized Fiji in the early 18th century, school teachers and college lecturers were recruited directly from Britain to work in the schools in Fiji. British have been greatly influential in the Fijian society and this has made it one of the best countries that offer quality education. Most of the TV Programs, Newspapers and signboards on the streets are broadcasted or written in English. The easy excess to “using English daily” such as shopping and chatting in town makes one adapt easily to the English environment while staying in Fiji.

Friendly people

Fiji is well known as “”The Island close to Heaven””. People in Fiji are very friendly. Many people from all over the world visit Fiji every year to experience the warmth and the high level of hospitality that the Fijian people are well known for. Though it may not be able to match up with the convenience that our developed countries can offer, Fiji has its own quality of life which includes a much laid back atmosphere which allows anyone to enjoy life at their own pace. People in Fiji are so friendly and with their amazing skills to initiate a conversation with anyone (tourists and foreigners) is quite remarkable. Everyone in Fiji is your teacher and Fiji itself is like a school for English learners.

Overwhelmingly low cost

By running our own school, we have made it possible to reduce the cost in various areas. The low cost of living (in comparison to the developed countries) in Fiji also helps us in achieving “low-cost study abroad program”. We are, so to speak, “Unique” with studying abroad market. It is said that you will need more than 30,000 for a year to study in western countries, but it can be a half or one third price in Fiji with the same program.


How does the Fiji study
program overcome
“The reasons of not
being able to study”?

For students with financial difficulties

From the beginning of 2000, Fiji has been facing a serious problem as many classrooms in schools have turned out to be empty and a lot of teachers have also lost their job due to the drastic decrease in the birth rate. To help salvage this situation, SPFB proposed to Fiji Ministry of Education that they establish a language school for non-English speakers and also utilize those classrooms and teachers. This has made it possible and also has given the opportunity for those families and students with financial difficulties the chance to go and study abroad.


For students who cannot study abroad due to their nationality or religion

It is not well known in Japan but the government often refuse students from certain Asian countries whose economic strength are low and those from Islamic nations applying for their student visas. Some of the developed countries, such as US, Britain, and Australia, usually restrict the number of students from developing countries. Fiji, since its independence in 1970, has been one of the rare countries which usually permit visas regardless of the students’ nationality or religion. You can study in Fiji safely and discrimination-free no matter where you are from, or what you believe.

For teenage students who have defiant attitude at home

Since the establishment of school, students and their family members sometimes send us letters of appreciation which most of the time say that in Fiji, they have realized how important family is. Staying with warm-hearted family in Fijian homestays makes it easier for students to see “something” based on family relationship. Even adolescent students have shown significant improvement while studying in Fiji.


For students who are sensitive to their surroundings.

Some Japanese students cannot attend school due to their health conditions such as atopic allergies and others. In 2010, to respond to the request if there is a high school for those students who had given up to go to school to be able complete their study in high school in Japan, we have also established a high school in Fiji which has less problems with air pollution and water pollution. Now students who suffer from health problem caused by the environmental pollution can also attend school and successfully complete it.